Whisk can do --100% whole wheat bread, milk bread
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 [100% whole wheat bread, milk] 

In kind: 
Whole wheat flour 250g, water 135g, namely hair dry yeast 3g. 
Main dough: 
Sugar 5g, milk powder 8g, salt 2g, eggs 50g, butter 25g, raisins amount. 
170 degrees, 25 minutes 
1, dissolve yeast with warm water, add the kind of material all materials, knead the dough. Sealed, refrigerated for 17 hours. 
2, the kind of cut into small pieces, with the main dough material (except butter) to join dough 5 minutes. 
3, remove the dough knead by hand down the board into the butter, beginning very wet sticky dough, this step does not adhere to powder, rub the butter into the group behind will gradually smooth. 
4, continue to stir the dough whisk, told five minutes or so to the film. 
5, cling film wrapped fermentation 20 minutes, exhaust, split 70 g dough 6, rounded, relaxation 20 minutes. 
6, roll the dough into an oval, sprinkle raisins, rolled up, clenched shut upside down, onto the baking tray fermentation. 
8, oven built-cup of hot water, the dough into the oven close second serve one hour, depending on the temperature change during the add hot water. 
9, preheat the oven into the oven baking.


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