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 About oven choice, want to say too much, this is the most important cause of baking a tool, an oven wrote two words, I would say no conversation frozen chicken, let me slowly finishing with ideas Well down. 

     Brand would not have said, the bigger the better brands, better maintenance in general will be better than the foreign brands made ​​in China, because after all, people with a history of an oven than they brawl we Chinese people for longer ...... in popularity of home with our pressure cooker cooker-like, other people's technology is more mature, and I have faith in overseas than domestically good oven. Must also be stated that this is one of my words, we do not have a reference when selecting exactly what I think, as I do not have more words to say I spat on suspicion of throwing bricks and other fawning, I always think of the moon and overseas Chinese the same circle. 
     Another factor is that when it comes to brands, to take into account the point of sale about maintenance issues, bigger is definitely better service brand, especially when the function is selected complex oven. Sale this thing is the relationship between ten thousand and in case, if your body is the probability to ten thousand, to a point when you come back when you want to sale which will be tired. 
     Oven capacity selection is very important, I think home baking oven capacity not too small, less than two dozen L This volume is a bit unbearable, and jars to see a few chick crying at home often cake how small oven how authored and issued cake focal skeletal photos to show silence and so on. 
     Volume of the oven too mean a few questions: 
     First, the oven temperature can not control the content of a small oven, the heat is too concentrated, the temperature usually higher than normal (Note: This does not necessarily mean big oven this issue); 
     Second, you can only bake a small cap food, do a lot of the food you have to bake plate to end the fighting; 
     Third, will affect the quality of the food, because like chiffon cake, finger biscuits so easy defoaming food can not stand long put, doing more than the amount midnight roast will find trouble; 
     The fourth is to be confined to a few large molds you can not use, such as professional chiffon mold, so mold itself has a certain height, but also expands when baked, grilled food may be braving the tube, there are some major points of bread cake molds or you want to bake two simultaneously toast oven is too small will not be able to help you complete; 
     Fifth, spacious place is a lot of small oven. So I think, in the family situation allows, should try to choose a large number of the oven. Here that the family conditions, does not refer to the economic conditions, but to which you are ready to put the oven on the location of the house? Kitchen living room bedroom or bathroom ...... restaurant where you can put down how much volume of the oven. 
     Place the oven heat the oven to take into account, on the oven, back, left and right four positions had to leave some space out, this is thermal considerations. Place the oven must not be wooden countertops and other flammable items, oven wall around the best and heat-resistant materials, do not put stickers next to the wallpaper wall. My home oven is put artificial stone kitchen countertop, if it is a natural stone would be better and easier to heat. 
     Home ovens are basically down the tube temperature can not be achieved separately, can do single open lit or single open under fire, but has recently seen some ovens have this very eye-catching features, the first time I saw someone said a section oven temperature can be separated my eyes lit up, I suddenly was watching that picture was outside the focus of mine tender: Top ordinary household oven wore an ancient Chinese pavilions shaped objects, ask about the price let me even more determined I can not accept the fact that it's from the heart (ugly) to physical (too heavy). I want to make most of the baking oven craze really began to notice our manufacturers these pure amateurs a little whitewash virtual Shexiang or say is vanity, so more and more manufacturers began oven down to launch its own separate fire control temperature and other functions more comprehensive oven, I am drooling for such an oven for half an obsession-like, but at the beginning of this boom, while I wipe the saliva will still pay more attention to after-sales issues versatile, after all, is a new product, people use less, you can not get more information to comment, the final ten thousand (maintenance) problems thinking and if only on paper, but more importantly, I just bought a new oven a few months I order not to be cast aside temporarily family did not intend to purchase a new oven. 
     I am now using Hamton 42L oven, the price is $ 300 as of press time when I personally think that price is actually quite good. But! Oven temperature allowed the phenomenon now increasingly obvious, is set at 250 degrees, measured only 200 degrees. If I use 175 degrees bake chiffon cake, quasi-dry where it is roasted grumble, and color too far, the only satisfaction I now place it is, the capacity is large enough. If my family conditions (economic and spatial) license, my ideal is embedded oven imported 60L, the brand will choose foreign ACA, Siemens, etc., made the United States will consider, separate temperature control requirements I'm not too strong because after all, with this single temperature oven used for two years, things are not roasted feel bad, so this needs psychological slowly faded out. I wrote a post in the choice of when to buy this 42L oven, which said more detailed reasons for selection, you can also take a look. 
     Standing of the main parts of the oven is a grill a baking sheet, and some are equipped with two ovens baking pan. Personally feel that a grill pan a more practical, grill and let cool just left the oven when the items is useful, if possible, the best configuration is a grill, two pan. Grill food is still cool, the two pan you can prepare two plates of food in batches, turns into the oven baked, rather than wait for a roast finished, and then prepare for the next dish is not hot when baking, especially in when do you will find that no two bread pan is very depressing thing. Qi oven is my first and, I bought myself another one just the right size baking pan (requires aircraft to be used in baked into the oven when online). Now Hamton better, pan can be matched with another, but also not the original cottage. 
     Oven extended on more items, high temperature gloves certainly want; household oven temperature is not accurate, matched with an oven thermometer to observe the oven temperature is necessary; There just said pan. Almost on these kind of. 


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