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 Sugar is produced in West Point cake one of the essential materials, is more commonly used sugar, powdered sugar and syrup, etc., if you think only source of sugar in sweetness West Point, then you are wrong, in fact, sugar or West Point important components, then baked in sugar what is the purpose of it? They also played what role in West Point in? Do not worry, be patient look down you will understand! 

The role of sugar in the cake 
An increased sweet products, reducing egg smell in the products taste better. 
2, in the baking process, the surface of the cake will turn brown and emit a fragrance, the finished color is more beautiful. 
3, the filling of the beating process, the whole egg, or to help the formation of thick and long-lasting protein foam, can also help shape butter labeled bulky tissue, so that the batter is smooth and delicate, soft product, which is the primary role of sugar . 
4, to maintain moisture in the finished product, delaying aging. 
Baking sugar commonly classified 
Spun sugar: the most commonly used in the baking sugar, sugar finer than the average, are more suitable for the production of West Point cake because it is easier to dissolve and stir the batter, and can absorb more oil, better emulsification can produce a more uniform the pore volume of the amount of tissue and better. 
Coarse sugar: relatively coarse particles, commonly used to spread in order to increase the surface of the bread or crackers flavor. 
Sugar: glucose after grinding into the powder, generally from about 3% sugar added to the starch to prevent agglomeration than the soft surface decoration or West Point. 
Brown sugar: containing thick molasses and honey aromas, flavors commonly used in the production of heavier cake or cookies. 
Honey: a containing monosaccharides fructose and glucose syrup, natural flavor particular, there is insulation. Many different types of honey cake, such as honey cake and so on. 
West Point invert syrup: sugar, add water and cook until about 108 degrees of acid, alkali neutralization after cooling is invert sugar syrup, the syrup can go far without crystallization, more commonly used in the production of moon cake. 
In addition to these types of sugars described above, there is one more common in our lives sugar, is soft white sugar. A lot of people have asked me, can you use soft white sugar instead of granulated sugar used in baking in West Point, for this issue, I think it depends on the habits and proficiency everyone's baking, if it is baking novice, I suggest should strictly follow recipe to make, if they feel that they can operate more skilled can try soft white sugar instead of sugar, but should pay attention to the general soft white sugar sweetness than sugar high, so when you use soft white sugar instead of granulated sugar, cotton to proportionally reduce the amount of sugar.


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