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For friends who play baking, cleaning oven looks like a huge project. According reach people scattered throughout the experience, small cleaning oven compiled some small secrets for your reference. Because each of the oven structure, function and so on are not the same, so the cleaning method also due to "box" to another, I hope these little knowledge can be a help to you. Collection of all wisdom, cleaning work may become easier. 

Oven cleaning methods open to the public 

1 oven cleaner as well as "steady" 

To ensure that each do a 'must have' in-depth cleaning after oven used, especially in the production of beer, roast duck, roast chicken wings, roast pigeon and other meaty dishes after, oil smell inside the oven will be relatively heavy, the inner wall of the oven, on the grill, pan and chassis, if not cleaned, it becomes very difficult and severe except oil, so after every baking is completed, such as the oven temperature down to about 50 degrees Celsius (temperature not hot), can be cleaned the work. 

Be sure to clean under the partially cooled off and the situation! Has just been completed when the temperature inside the oven grill often as high as 150 degrees Celsius, and can not be cleaned immediately, one is likely to burn, on the other hand, when suddenly cooled clean, the internal parts of the oven maintenance have a negative effect. 

2 oven cleaner "storyboard" script 

Scene one: on latex gloves, the oven interior removable parts are removed, such as the grill, pan and chassis, then wash with a mild detergent, grease with special emphasis on the place, the kitchen can be used to clear heavy oil fumes net , do the key parts of the decontamination. 

Scene two: the oven door in the embedded put an old newspaper, with Gansi flesh or bamboo brush the inside of the oven coke breeze brush tick out completely. 


Scene three: the interior of the oven burner (heating tube) and the heating tube shields gently wipe with a dry cloth must not be used wet rag scrub, so as not to affect the stove's insulation, the occurrence of leakage short circuit. Note that, in addition to the removable oven portion, are not to direct wash water. 

Lens 4: If you find dirty stove and protective nets, difficult to wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth, and do not arbitrarily replaced with steel balls, matte surface roughness cleaning balls and other cleaning tools to clean. In case there is wire or scrub particles fall into the burner (heating tube), ranging from barbecue unpleasant strange pills only to discover, while causing a short circuit of the entire circuit, you can try to wipe with a clean power strong nylon fabric twice. 

Lens Five: After cleaning the burner can begin to clean the oven shell and liner. After a rag dipped in a neutral detergent dilution slightly wrung, wet wipe wipe way the body shell, and then dipped in a diluted cleaning solution, with a slight twist dry method, wrapped package in your hand stretching to wipe grease inside the oven Finally, wipe dry and then rinse, wipe twice. 

3 Oven clever than "oil Ha taste" 

Oven frequently used there will be a "old greasy" or "oil Ha taste", want to remove this unpleasant taste, in addition to grilled foods thoroughly clean after each time, open the door so that the natural drying oven interior, but also You can use the following methods but degreasing Ha taste: 

First, put a bowl of lemonade or a: white vinegar water one of the open container with a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, dry roast 10 minutes, taste can be removed. 

Second, 50ml warm water cooling will be baking pan and pour in a small amount of detergent, cover the pan lid and plug it in, adjust the knob to 10 minutes of time, hot air circulation can automatically clean the dirt inside the pan, unplug and other pan after cooling, then rinse with warm water pan. 

To prevent oil Ha taste, reduce the burden of cleaning the oven is also very simple: to be in the meat or fish grilled over Chengzhongfeibeng foil packet of hot oil, not only to ensure crisp outside and tender inside, but not the oven confused traces of oil stained.


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