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 Baking is a healthy cooking activities, some use it as a hobby, some people will run it as a career and earn a lot of money. Today, learning baking skills are not a very difficult thing, but if you do not know these skills, then it is likely to become a baking scary thing friends. Now, there are a lot of baking school courses to teach us how to do all kinds of baked goods, and make these foods do but we need to continue to practice. When baking, baking different tools and baking equipment is also essential. In order to better grasp the baking skills, learn how to use baking tool is a "compulsory." 

When baking, in addition to the oven, measuring cup, blender, bowls, pans, various knives, baking paper, waxed wooden spoon and so on are also needed. These tools can be used to measure, decoration, place raw materials. Although we all know that the oven is the most important tool, but the role of other tools to be overlooked. Here we discuss the different tools now. 
1 Measuring 
When baking, we need to know the exact amount of the various components, do so out of the food is more delicious, more healthy. If missing an ingredient or put or will put a little more, and all your efforts is likely to be wasted, the product may also be damaged. Measuring cup, measuring spoon, scales, etc. are three common measurement tools. 
Measuring cup is usually made ​​from three different materials together: metal, plastic and glass. Dosage cup can easily measure the weight of solids or liquids. Currently, there are various cup is used to measure a solid or a liquid, usually plastic and glass material. Some of the mouth of the cup is a cup with a suitable liquid ingredient. And the metal cup is suitable for dry or solid components. Similarly, a measuring spoon is used to take a small amount more solid or liquid components. Measuring cup is the traditional moral baking tool used to measure ingredients in pounds or ounces for the unit. Flour and sugar are the most commonly used of these gauges materials. 
2 rolling pin 
Rolling pin used to fool the interview or flat surface, mash, get smooth. Just when operated in the dough surface pressing scrolling. 
3 hybrid instruments 
The main tool used to mix different materials mixed together, the most common is the mixing bowl or mixing bowl. These mixing bowls of different materials, stainless steel, and copper, the resistance of the microwave oven, pottery. Resistant microwave bowl is mainly used to melt chocolate and butter, while the stainless steel bowl is usually used to kill eggs. Ceramic bowl can be a long time to maintain the temperature, which is the reason it is considered to be the best when the bread baking utensils. Electronic blender forage can be easily mixed up. 
4 hotplate 
After complete mixing of the components, it is imperative batter or dough into the pan. So as to be put in the oven baking. There are a variety of different specifications, sizes pan, can make better use of heat can also make different shapes on the market. The pan is mainly formed of a ceramic, metal, silicon, and glass. 
5 Oven 
Oven is the most important tool. In addition to baking, it can also be used for heating and drying. There are gas oven, microwave, batch oven, ceramic stove, furnace. The most common is a microwave and gas stove. With these two devices, baking becomes very easy. Microwave oven is electric, and gas furnace is natural gas. Baking the dough into the oven, tasty food very soon to your hands up.



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